Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Bread and Butter Business

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry is my bread and butter business.  If I don't make sales, I have to find out what is failing in my methods.  I have to fix the issue and swing back toward success. Today I am looking for a jazy red dress from Chic Star to wear with my Fifth  Avenue Jewelry.  I  also wanted a nice handbag which I will get from Baghaus.

















I love Fifth Avenue Collection and it is my home based business. I will always endeavor to show you what you can put together and places to shop to show off your personal swagger.


Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Time Creating For Your Business

I wrote an article on Ezinearticles about blogging as a technique to brand and gain more credibility. Today, time management is the important topic because it takes time to blog and brand. I personally have number one, started carrying a notebook everywhere I go. I can create on the go with my notebook and post it to my blog immediately with my laptop or smart phone. Saturday I am taking my notebook to Chicago with me and I will be able to create my original content while traveling.
Where do I get my content? I write about what I am doing each day to achieve success. For example, the 2nd thing to create time is to combine similar activities. I went to a book fair and spent $ 5 getting a creative looking notebook to blog. I enjoyed the book fair and did something for my business. Third, just actively find the time to brand, blog, write articles, advertise, and market. Create your time by carrying a notebook, combining activities, and actively finding time.

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